Where to download free WordPress templates

You can find free WordPress templates, also known as themes, from various sources. Here are some popular places where you can download free WordPress templates:

  1. WordPress.org Theme Directory: This is the official directory for WordPress themes. You can find a wide range of free themes here that are vetted for quality and security.
  2. ThemeForest: Although ThemeForest primarily sells premium themes, they also offer a selection of free themes. You can check their freebies section to find them.
  3. TemplateMonster: Similar to ThemeForest, TemplateMonster offers both premium and free themes. You can explore their collection to find free options.
  4. GitHub: Many developers share their WordPress themes for free on GitHub. You can search for "WordPress themes" on GitHub and filter by repositories to find them.
  5. FreeThemeForest.net: This website aggregates free themes from ThemeForest and other sources. It's a convenient way to browse and download free WordPress themes.
  6. JustFreeThemes: JustFreeThemes is a website dedicated to curating free WordPress themes. You can explore their collection and download themes directly from their site.

Remember to check the reviews, ratings, and compatibility with the latest WordPress version before downloading any theme. Additionally, ensure that you download themes from reputable sources to avoid security risks.